Our clinic carries a full selection of sizes for Renegade and Renegade Viper boots for bare foot horses and those that can’t be shod. Originally designed for endurance events, Renegade & Renegade Viper boots are designed to complement the natural biomechanics of the equine leg and hoof. From the Renegade Hoof Boots website;

My uncompromising design philosophy of putting the horse first has led to a hoof boot design that highly respects the soft tissue of the hoof capsule and lower leg, does not obstruct the movement of pastern bones, does not accumulate significant quantities of dirt and debris, stays on the hoof well for performance work, and is the easiest to install and remove of any high performance hoof boot on the market to date.

Featuring unique pivoting heel captivator technology; if properly sized, fitted, adjusted and installed, the Renegade Hoof Boot will not rub, not even for distances of 100 miles, and requires no accessories whatsoever to accomplish this feat.

Kirt Lander – Inventor of the Renegade Hoof Boot

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