Having trained and worked as a farrier, Dr. Geertsema has more than a clinical approach to your horse’s farrier needs. He has years of hands-on experience to assist you and your farrier.

With a mobile radiograph machine, Dr. Geertsema can look beyond the exterior and get the full picture of the inside your horse’s hoof, from the toe to the coronary band.

Dr Geertsema is one of the few veterinarians using a glue on shoe system for laminitis, clubbed feet & thin-soled horses. Designed to support the frog without compromising the hoof wall, our custom-fit shoes are suitable for foals, miniatures & large equines.

Dr Geertsema’s son Levi, is a farrier, and is available for consultations. Our veterinarians are also happy to work with your farrier to create a treatment plan for your horse’s needs.