Total Equine was born after I examined an extremely well bred foal born with developmental orthopaedic disease. This owner had spared no expense on purchasing a great mare, monitoring her heat cycles and vet work to have her artificially inseminated with frozen semen from an expensive European stallion, and yet in spite of all the care, attention and financial inputs, the foal was born with improperly developed legs. That bothered me even more than the owner because it should have been preventable with well a balanced diet and adequate trace minerals. My research into nutritional supplements, minerals, and vitamins for horses began as a result of this foal. I spoke to an equine nutritionist and we both shared the concern that supplements were not up to date with current research and neither of us had one that we recommended. This led to us researching and creating a well balanced, digestible and palatable product which provided a complete and correctly balanced combination of the necessary vitamins and minerals horses need to stay healthy.

Such a seemingly small change as a proper diet could have resulted in a healthy sound foal and probably saved money and time on the breeding process by improving the mare’s fertility. After having the product in use for several years we also got reports back that we didn’t anticipate, such as deeper colour and more shine to their coats, better hoof growth and quality, more energy, improved calmness.

I would strongly suggest paying attention to your horse’s mineral intake as the effects of a poor diet can be far reaching. Whether you opt to use this product or another, please don’t neglect this important aspect of horse care.

Total Equine Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Complete Feed is a complete vitamin and micro-mineral supplement for all horses – from our backyard companion to the high performance horse. By feeding only five (5) cups per day, for a 1,000 pound horse, you not only balance a horse’s diet, but you’re providing the proper nutrition in this convenient all-in-one product.

Total Equine’s Complete & Correctly Balanced Formula With Your Horse In Mind

  • Minerals are chelated to ensure maximum absorption and availability.
  • Essential amino acids necessary for optimal hoof growth.
  • High levels of Vitamin E for good antioxidant activity.
  • Safe levels of selenium to compensate for deficient forages balanced with higher Vitamin E.
  • Increased level of copper associated with a reduction in developmental orthopaedic disease such as epiphysitis, osteochondrosis, and contracted tendons.
  • Optimal rations of the trace minerals copper, zinc, and manganese, required for maximum absorption and availability.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for cell wall integrity, healthy skin, hair, and hooves.

“A product like no other…I’ve had my horses on T.E. for the last 4 years… My 23 yr old Arab sold as a pre-training eventer, 25yr Welsh/Arab mare rules at Prince Philip games, 21 yr. TB schools kids, 11yr TB looks like a WB, very muscular – always fit, and my 8 yr QHx broke to ride at 6 and is pre-training level already. Very happy & healthy horses.”
– Marlene

“I have been using Total Equine on our high performance horses since it first became available. Our farrier comments often on the exceptional quality of our horses’ feet, others comment on their beautiful coats, but what I like best is that I can feed it alone with good quality hay and know that my equine athletes are getting everything they need to give their best.”

– Jan Jollymour

Living in the horse capital of British Columbia, it only made sense to create a local feed to cater to the needs of the many horses throughout BC. I knew there was more I could do to make sure brood mares, performance horses, horses with restricted diets, and horses with developmental diseases had healthier and more productive lives.

Total Equine is available through your local Hi-Pro Feed retailer. Many feed outlets don’t keep Total Equine in stock yet, but they can order it in. If your local feed dealer is unsure about how to bring in the feed, call our office at: