Our mobile endoscope unit allows us to provide a minimally invasive examination of airways (Endoscopy) and gastric examinations (Gastroscopy).

Endoscopy allows us to see the nasal passages, and upper airways. This is especially useful in diagnosing respiratory conditions and blockages.

Gastroscopy allows us to conduct a full examination of the gastric passages, including the stomach, and stomach lining.

Gastroscopy procedures are particularly useful in diagnosing Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. EGUS is a common ulcer disease especially associated with performance horses, including racehorses. EGUS can also be caused by less than desirable management practices, such as decreased roughage and a high grain intake. Ulcers in horses can lead to pain, decreased performance, changes in temperament and even colic. Gastroscopy allows us to see the full extent of the ulcers and create an effective treatment plan.

For more information on gastroscopy & endoscopy, please call the office.