What vaccinations do I need?

If travelling between Canada and the United States, and between States, ensure you have the proper paperwork.

Recommended Solution:
Carry the results of a negative Coggins certificate, as well as a veterinary health certificate or certificate of veterinary inspection.  Also check the vaccines appropriate for the area you’re travelling through and at your destination. You may want to consider Rabies, Encephalitis, Potomac Horse Fever, and Strangles.

My horse won’t drink the local water.

Sometimes, a horse won’t drink the water you offer during travel.

Recommended Solution:
If you put Kool-Aid or Gatorade in the water, you can mask the scent of strange water. To do this, you should have tried this at home prior to travelling. You can also bring water from home on your journey.

Trailer Maintenance & Loading Training

Always check the trailer’s lights, brakes, bearings, and floor well before your trip.

Recommended Solution:
By practicing loading and unloading your horse at home, your horse will be familiar with the horse trailer for easier loading at various locations. While transporting your horse in the cold, be sure to protect an equine’s eyes and breathing. Open trailers let too much cold wind hit the horse’s face. Using a face mask can help, but is not a solution to having a closed trailer.