Dr. Hermen Geertsema,DVM – Practice Owner

Dr. Hermen Geertsema graduated from the University of Guelph, Ontario, in 1994. Soon after his family convinced him to move west where he worked for Paton & Martin Veterinary Services, before starting his own solo practice. Hermen is well known for his down-to-earth, practical, and respectful side when working with horses. Hermen’s training as a farrier during his university years has given him invaluable knowledge when dealing with lameness issues which can be helped by specialty shoeing, particularly laminitis and navicular cases.

When Dr. Geertsema took over a JCS Reproductive services in 2017, it was a symbolic passing of the torch. Hermen has had a long-standing working relationship with Dr. Samper, first as his student and then as his research assistant while studying at Guelph. Dr. Samper is well known across Canada and the U.S.A for his knowledge of equine reproductive management. Total Equine Veterinary Services provide a full range of breeding services from stallion collection to embryo transfer.

In Hermen’s down time he can be found riding the beautiful backcountry of B.C, wrangling steers with the cowboys, or just hanging with the horses. Where ever he goes, Hermen`s veterinary supplies are never far away and he is always happy to help.

Shannon Dubberley, Veterinarian Assistant

Shannon was born and raised in Maple Ridge, where she completed her Pony Club A Level at 18 years old. Shannon went on to get her veterinary assistant certification through West Coast College of Health Care. Shannon is dedicated to taking care of animals both large and small. When not at work she can found exploring beautiful BC with her partner & dog, Charlie.

Marlene Roman, Office staff

Marlene has been Hermen’s office manager and at times veterinary assistant since 2001. Marlene has helped build and shape the practice over the years. In the beginning she spent many hours on the road with Hermen, before settling on an office position – although her knowledge far surpasses this title. Marlene is well known within the equine community of Langley, through her involvement with the local Pony Club and Eventing community. Marlene will be slowly retiring from her position at the end of 2019.

Victoria Sheldon, Office Manager/ Breeding Coordinator

Victoria joined the staff in spring 2018. Victoria spent her childhood riding horses in New Zealand, before relocating to Europe after graduation. She spent several years there working as a project manager and riding some of the more remote trails across eastern Europe. She has spent many hours in the saddle around the world. Victoria has completed an equine reproductive internship; she uses this knowledge to make ensure breeding season goes as smoothly as possible.

Donna MacLeod, Accounts Receivable/Office Staff

Donna has strong ties to the local riding/Eventing community. Donna oversees accounts receivable and is usually the friendly voice reminding you to pay a bill or offering advice. Donna also runs a small boarding facility in South Langley,and has deep appreciation for the health and well-being of all animals.

Stephanie Geertsema, CFO

The better half of Hermen Geertsema, Stephanie is responsible for the payment of all commercial invoices, payroll and income.

Shayla Minosky, Katherine Gilker. Barn Staff

Rest assured, when your horse comes to our clinic it is receiving the same care and cuddles that it does at home. The staff running the barn work hard to maintain a strict feeding schedule, clean stalls and paddocks, fresh shavings and crystal-clear water. They take the time to halter break young foals, groom the mares and pamper the patients. All our staff have many years of equine experience and knowledge. They’re happy to fulfil any special requirements your horse may need and are trained to keep an eye out for any changes that might need immediate attention.