Deworming your horse is especially important in the Pacific North West as we have an ideal environment for parasites. Worms, particularly strongyles, lay their eggs on grass stalks & top soil. Horses inevitably pick up these eggs while they graze, and when the eggs hatch the larvae make their home in the intestinal tissues. When the worms are mature, they lay eggs, these eggs exit in manure, and the cycle continues. Left untreated, these internal worm infestations can lead to poor body condition, a dull coat, diarrhea, or much more seriously, colic.

Here at Total Equine Veterinary we offer an in-house Fecal Egg Count Analysis. This is a simple laboratory test which will show the parasite load of your horse.
We also offer a send-out test which will determine which type of parasite has made its home inside your horse.

These tests allow our vets to select the most appropriate wormer for your horse. Rather than worming on an annual schedule, these tests prevent the parasites from developing a resistance to the dewormers and ensure that any treatments are as effective as possible.

Ask our vets about deworming during your next appointment.